Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ava's Boppy Pictures from 8-16 weeks old

I forgot how tiring working full time and raising kids can be! The good news is that I love my new assignment and the babies are transitioning really well into our new life. Ava is doing great at daycare and has managed to keep it to only two feedings a day that I miss. I hope we can keep it that way because I really don't enjoy pumping all that much :) Tomorrow is Friday and so far so good with our morning routine. I actually enjoy spending time with them in the morning before work. I thought it was going to be rough and a bunch of running around, but that's not the case (yet!)

This weekend Andy and I are going on a real, nighttime date for the first time since Ava was born. We are going to Laguna to the Pageant of the Masters and I can't wait! The only sad part is I didn't realize it was going to be my first week back to work when I bought the tickets in January. I know it will still be a great time though and we really need some couple time!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sad :(

Today was my first full day back at work and Ava's first day of daycare ever. Andy usually brings Zach to daycare for 6:30 and then (when I was working) I would get ready to be to work by 7:30. Now I don't have to be in until a little later so I figured I would try to bring them for her first day. The morning routine actually went very smoothly minus the last 15 minutes of running around trying to get everything together. I just need to do a little more prep to make it a little easier on everyone. Good news is that Ava did really well. I only missed two feedings and she was a pleasant baby all day. Joe even got some giggles out of her. Once I picked them up it was tough though. They both wanted me and I didn't know who to go to first. As soon as Ava saw me she wanted to nurse to make up for lost time. I also don't think she slept very much with all of the stimulation. She is already asleep for the night at 8:00 and fell asleep when I put her on our bed for a minute. So far so good though! I hope the transition into my working full-time again can continue to go smoothly. Fingers and toes are crossed!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The theme has been water for the weekend.Saturday we went to the Bass Pro Shop and Zach was in love with the aquarium. The whole store is like a zoo for the timid. Everything is stuffed so he didn't have any fears. Some of the catfish weighed more than my toddler and boy were they ugly. One little fish was in love with Zach and kept trying to play with him. Zach really enjoyed it! Today we did our first trek up to the big pool. Zach started a bit timid, but by the time we wanted to leave we had to drag him out! He loves his new life vest, but he still needed to hold on to our hands.

Mom's eye view

Happy baby feet!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Today was my first day back to work and it went very well. I really think I am going to like my new assignment and everyone seems so nice! The kids are super cute at this age (3-5 yo) and I am in that mindset any ways with my own child. The only problem with the day is that Ava decided to have her worst night ever!!! She usually sleeps from 8 or 9 to 3 or 4 then wakes up around 5 or 6 to eat again. Not last night! She was up at 10:30 (I fell asleep around 10ish), 12, 1:30 and restless until 2 something with gas. Then she woke again at 5 and I had to get up for 6 to go to work. Ugg! Needless to say I am tired. I guess I should try to nap while she is napping. Tonight is Mom's Night Out! Woo hoo! Monday will be the start to our new morning routine. Andy usually takes Zach to daycare on his way to work and then I get ready after they leave. I am going to try bringing them to daycare before work on Monday and see how that works out. If it is pure chaos then I will have him go back to taking them. It's Ava's first day though so I want to be there. This morning was cute because we weren't rushing Zach out of the door and he was able to cuddle with his sister in bed while I was getting ready. He just loves his sister, sometimes too much! Don't they look so much more alike in this pictures?!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where there is a will...

there is a way! My child is never giving up the binkie. I have decided that when he is two and a half and Ava is one that the whole house is going to go cold turkey if he hasn't done it on his own yet! That is my thinking for today. It may change once we hit that point though :-) In other news, it's back to work for me tomorrow. I will miss Ava but I just have to jump in and do it. Working makes me miss them and cherish our time together, plus it pays the bills, so I know it's just something I have to do. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ava Update!

We went to the lactation clinic yesterday and our little baby is now 13 lbs 5.6 oz and taking in almost 5 oz of breastmilk (that's just one side because my kids are weird and only do one side at a time, it's a wonder I don't tip over!) She was the biggest baby in the place! I'm so glad we went though because that last time she was only taking in under 3 oz so her bottles for daycare wouldn't have cut it. She is getting so big so fast. She is in love with her exersaucer and sitting up like a big girl. Have I mentioned how happy I am to have a daughter lately?!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Who knew?!

That an almost two year old could fit just fine into an exersaucer?! He got in just fine on his own after he saw Ava playing in it, but he couldn't get out! I guess we do still have a way to contain the energy that is our son :) In other news, we booked our flight for Oregon in November! Woo Woo! Less than $200 a piece! So we will be seeing our Oregon friends and family soon! We can't wait to meet all of those new little people!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


(1) Andy (2) Sarah (3) Ava

Who do you think she looks like now???

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zach's 22 Month Photos

Zach wasn't very cooperative at our last photo shoot, but I thought these came out cute! I guess I forgot to put these up with Ava's pix.

Full of chub!

I forgot to mention that I have now joined weight watchers and am waging a serious battle against the chub! Ava and I are both super chubby at the moment and because she is 3 months old it is OK. Also because she is 3 months old that means I have to get serious! I also started a walking group with the other moms in my mommy group and I really hope it works out and keeps us motivated! That being said, yesterday we hosted the Sundae party at our house and it was the first real test! I did indulge in a scoop of ice cream and a bunch of banana :) This is a picture that I stole from my friend Erin's blog. It's Zach and Sophia playing peek-a-boo after a filling meal of ice cream and bananas! They start flirting at such a young age!

Today has been a trying day. My kids are so bi-polar! They are either super happy or screaming for no reason today. I brought Zach to our version of the aquarium (the fish section at PetCo) and he flipped out when we had to leave. He wanted to see the doggies (oggies!) and I wanted to go to Target. He screamed and I turned up the radio and he screamed even louder! This crazy scream that I had never heard before.
He IS almost two, afterall! Ava is just unhappy all around today. She has taken a few short naps but nothing long enough to put her in a better mood. I think she got used to us being alone again this week. What is she going to do at daycare?! We'll find out a week from Monday.

Friday, July 18, 2008

busy yet dull

This week has been busy and dull at the same time. Is that possible?! We seem to always be on the move and always have something to do or somewhere to go, but it really wasn't anything to write home about this week. Zach went back to daycare and he is transitioning very well considering he had only been two days in the last month and there is also a new assistant. He gives Susie a hug every day before he leaves and he is starting to warm up to Miss Diane. First it was high fives, but yesterday he gave her a guided hug. Last night we went to market night with one of Zach's handful of girlfriends, little Laila. She is 3 weeks older than him and she speaks in full sentences that I just can't even believe! It's weird to think that Zach will be doing that soon. Now there is a ton of gibberish with some words thrown in. I did get one whole sentence the other day that blew me away. He said "No Ommy (mommy) tee (kiss) da (the) baby!" as I was kissing Ava. He wanted to kiss the baby instead. I know that tee means kiss because he also does the kissing action with it, he just cracks me up! Ava is doing great too. She is even smiling at strangers now. I thought she was going to have stranger anxiety forever. She is also 14 weeks old and
that means I have to go back to work next Friday. Boo!!! I like my job, but I will miss our time together without the boys around. Here are some pictures from our dull week :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008


This weekend was pretty non-eventful. We went to Toys R Us and got Zach a radio flyer tricycle. We got it home and realized that we have his Kettler in the garage and it is far more safe. He was riding the radio flyer and he fell over because the front wheel isn't enough support. I could just imagine him knocking out his teeth! The kid is already covered in boo boos as it is! He was so funny this morning! I just about peed my pants! I went in to wake him up and he did NOT want to get up. He is back to daycare and his regular routine for the first time in a month so it was tough. I went to wake him up and he said "noooo" and tried to hit the button on his aquarium and missed a bunch of times like he was trying to hit the snooze on an alarm clock. Once he hit it, he took his blanket and put it over his face, still saying "noooo". Finally he decided he could get up and he said "oh, We" ("We" is Zave, our dog) as if he had been awake all morning. He is just too much sometimes!
In Ava news, she was refusing a bottle all weekend long. I was starting to freak a bit because I go back to work next Friday. We tried a couple different bottles, we had Andy try, we varied the temp, did it while she wasn't starving, while she was starving etc and nothing! Today I took a bottle with me to daycare and had Susie try. Ava took the bottle with no problems at all! I guess she just doesn't want one from me and I think Andy was a bit stressed about the situation and she could sense it. I also got her 3 month pictures today! We had them done last week but I was able to see them today and I will pick up the CD tomorrow and post ASAP! They are so flippin' cute! Tutus and all :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

full of accomplishment!

Day 5 and we're all still alive! This was our first full week together with no help during the day and I know some of you may judge and say "oh, I do that everyday", but it's a first for us so I am proud! The kids were actually pretty easy on me! Zach had moments of jealousy and Ava had moments of angst because I do only have two hands. I just read somewhere that if evolution really worked, then why do women still only have two hands? All in all we're good and happy! I also have mom's night out to look forward to tonight. I couldn't have come at a better time!
In Zach news, I just got out of the shower and he looked at me and pointed to my mole. He now knows how to say it so he points out every one that I have. This one was in a not so exposed area. Then he pointed to my stomach and said "bum bum". I almost died! Does my stomach look like a butt? I thought it was starting to look pretty good. So I asked him where his bum bum is and he pointed to his belly! I guess he's just confused, phew! I'm not headed to the plastic surgeon just yet!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It looks like my almost 3 month old is a better sleeper already than my almost 2 year old! Last night she slept from 8 until 4 am! She woke up to eat for 5 minutes then went back to sleep until 6:15 and woke up chipper. I really credit the Miracle Blanket! Now, Zach woke up at 2:30 and wouldn't go back down until both Andy and I went in there. I changed his diaper and talked to him for a minute and it looked like he was going to go back down. 20 minutes later I hear, "Ommy" (that's his name for me) repeatedly and there is no getting him back down. He comes into bed with us because when I see 3:44 am on the clock I know it's not going to be an easy day the next day. Then, Miss good sleeper wakes up just as I am dozing off. Ugh! It's not her fault though. She is my champion sleeper and I could hear her little tummy making noises so I knew she was waking up for a reason. Now she is sleeping for the very first time in her own crib! She is used to it being a play space so I decided to swaddle her and give her a binkie so she knows it is a sleeping space too. So far so good! Day two is going well and I even got in a shower! It's only 9 am so we will see what the future has in store! (the above picture is the hilarious result of a tired mommy and a tired baby-picture taken by Daddy without prior consent!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Zach's more current laugh :)

Zach laughing at 3 1/2 months old


We brought out the bumbo for Ava but Zach
is getting more use out of it!

My kids are napping at the same time! Today is our first full day of our first full week together without Daddy or Nannie(daycare is closed). So far so good. I took them to the doctors and Zach's ear infection is gone, but the doctor thinks he is getting his two year molars and those are horrible. He said it could take MONTHS! Lucky us! I also discussed that Zach has decided to become a vegetarian. He will eat no meat no matter what we try. His diet is horrible right now. We just try to get him to eat something. Yogurt and cereal bars are the gist of it right now. Oh and don't forget french fries, he will eat an entire plate of those! We used to have such good eating habits too. I guess we are just turning two soon and my little guy is not going to be saved from the picky eater stage. I thought for sure that it wouldn't happen to us.
In Ava news, she giggled a real giggle for the first time today. She has been doing little ones here and there, but today she really giggled during an amusing game of peek-a-boo. I can't wait for the belly laughs to come. They should be here soon. Now I just have to find something funny for her to laugh at. With Zach it was the dogs! I think I will post his laughs just to remember how funny those first ones are :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

(this was supposed to be a picture of Ava, but I
ended up chasing Zach around the pool instead!)

We are back and getting settled into the swing of things. The week hasn't been as bad for me as I had expected it to be. I thought I was going to be more upset after being with my Mom for three weeks and then having to leave her. I think I have been too busy to be upset. These two little ones really keep us on our toes! I just LOVE when they do the tandem cry! Hahaha! There have been so many little funny things in the last few days that I kept saying I wanted to post about, but the time has gotten away from me. Zach is in for a nap and Andy is trying to figure out what the heck went wrong when he set the hot water heater to vacation. I went to give Ava a bath and there is no hot water! I was really looking forward to shaving my legs today.
We celebrated Ava's 1st and Zach's 2nd 4th of July with some friends. First we went to a co-workers get together and later we went to Tanisha's house. Zach got to see one of his girlfriends, Laila, and they ate fruit and hung out together. Ava did a lot of sleeping and was a very pleasant baby all day, minus when someone threw a water balloon and it burst all over her. We got home around 9 pm and the neighbors were out so we joined them to watch the fireworks. We actually have a good view. It was nice because it wasn't too loud for Zach and Ava slept right through them. The weekend has been nice, now if we could only get the hot water going again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Full of Relief!

We made it back to CA! The rest of our trip was great. We spent a day in Newburyport and took some great pictures. You all know how much I love pictures! We also celebrated my mother's 50th birthday with a surprise party. Boy was she surprised! I couldn't write about it in here for fear that she may actually read my blog. It's nice to be back, but sort of sad at the same time. Zach is adjusting well, but Ava got used to having Nannie around for three weeks so we are slowly transitioning into not being held all of the time!
The flight was interesting. Zach did really well at the airport. When we were getting on the plane a lovely elder said that he was a very pretty little girl! He was wearing a red shirt and his hair is getting a little long. I corrected her and said he was a pretty boy and she looked at me as if I were confused and I must be wrong! It was quite comical, really. Zach just had way too much energy to be confined to a seat for 6 hours. Plus our flight was late taking off due to weather. He finally fell asleep about 3 hours in and Andy and I were exhausted by that point. Ava was really good with a few squawks here and there. Once we got the Long Beach the plane before us was still at the gate so we had to wait again. Luckily Zach was asleep so it wasn't too bad. Once we had to wake him up it was horrible! We put him in the stroller and I took Ava to the bathroom to change her. He started screaming bloody murder in the middle of the terminal! He was just so tired and does not like to be woken up. Thankfully they were both great on the ride home and now we are just trying to get settled and back to our "regular" life.
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