Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Friend!

Melissa and I (13 years later!)

Big hugs for old friends!

13 years and 3 kids (between the both of us!)

Handsome 3 year olds!

ESPN Zone fun!

My friend Melissa from high school was in Anaheim this weekend! We met up today at Downtown Disney. It was the first time in about 13 years that we have seen each other. Thank goodness for Facebook keeping us all up on what the others are doing. It felt like nothing had changed. Those are the best kinds of friendships. You don't have to see each other all of the time, but it just feels normal when you do!

Do I look Handsome?

Yes, you look very handsome!

First Baseball Game!

Soluting the flag with his hat off!

Greeting the mascot!

The gang is all here! Everyone you see was with us!

Sitting in seats that weren't theirs!

The never ending chasing Ava saga!

Zach was so excited to go to his first baseball game. My mom's group planned an outing to the 66ers game in San Bernardino. When I told Zach that we would be going he said "me? I'm going?" and I said "yes" and he said "no, me, Zachary. I'm going?" Once I explained that Zachary was in fact going, he couldn't wait to get there. He wanted to leave at 4 for a game that started at 7!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sibling Rivalry!

These two are such rivals for my attention. They are constantly fighting over me. Now they are to the point that if one cries, the other joins in with a fake cry to see who I will go to first. Just tonight Zach was crying so Ava joined in. I told her she was faking and she starting yelling at Zach "no Zach, I kying (crying) you stop!" He kept going so she kept yelling at him. Oh my! This is going to be interesting!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Birthday Celebration at Disney!

Where better to go for your birthday than Disneyland? Especially when you have season passes :-) I am officially 33 and refusing to grow up!

Lunch Guests at CA Adventure!

Zach and the Matterhorn!

Andy brought Zach on the matterhorn and you can tell by the picture progression just how it went! He said it wasn't scary but he does NOT want to go on again.

Pixie Hollow!

Zach's Cute Disney Pix! (5/23)

Avas Disneyland Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirates, Kitty Cats and Good Finds!

Daycare was closed today so Andy and I took shifts with the kiddos. He got the morning and I got the afternoon. Part of the afternoon was naps (which I took part in as well) and the other part was playing outside and being in aw of my sons ever growing imagination! He was pretending to be a pirate. When I asked if we could go to a tropical island he said yes. I said "but what will we eat?" and he said "dorito chips!" So we proceeded to take the ship to the store and buy doritos for our stay on our tropical island. I asked if I have to be a parent there and he said "no, you can just swim in the water" Love it! Ava decided that she was a kitty cat on the ship. Too funny!

The other pictures are of the great find that we got at Market Night. La Monique Boutique had this wonderful hat! I wanted to buy another head band but I was down to my last $10 in cash. It was between the two and I just had to have the hat. I mean, Ava just needed it afterall!

Market Night

We hadn't been to Market Night in Redlands in months. Yesterday I was finally feeling better after my epic sinus/gland infection. The weather was great so we figured we would get out and have some fun. We had dinner (super yummy baked yam with cinnamon and sugar) then walked around a bit, picked out some fruit and even saw one of our friends, Elif and her parents!

Andy is 33!

My husband is officially older than me until Monday. He turned 33 on Tuesday. We had celebrated over the weekend so we just went to Red Robin for dinner so that he didn't have to cook. He is the house chef so he couldn't cook on his birthday :-) Then we celebrated with a vegan apple strudel so that I could enjoy some too. I love him so much! I am a blessed wife!

May 17th (a Monday)

Ava woke up very happy today! Ava: Mama, I so happy! Me: I'm glad you are in a good mood today! Ava: Yeah, want purple tinkerbell hat! Me: Yeah, tinkerbell makes me happy too! Love this little devil :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Weekend!

Our pretty good seats

The happy birthday message to Andy that I almost missed and he missed completely!

Dinner at the Knothole Club

Enjoying time at Tumble Tots!

We had an action packed, fun weekend this weekend! On Saturday we went to celebrate Miss H's 3rd birthday at tumble tots. The kids really enjoy the birthday parties there. Maybe an idea for Zach's 4th?! Then on Saturday night Andy and I enjoyed an Angel's game and dinner at the knothole club (restaurant over looking the game) to celebrate Andy turnind 33! His big day is tomorrow :-) On Sunday I attended a good friends baby shower. She is welcoming her second child, a baby boy and we all can't wait to meet him! Will make a new post for those pix.
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