Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Things They Say!

My kids are just talkers! Zach understands and has conversations about just about anything. They both continue to amaze me. I need to start writing stuff down the minute it happens because I am missing so much with my lack of memory skills. I think I need cognitive therapy for this :-) We were putting Ava to bed one night this week and he said "are you sad, sweetie? It's ok." I thought him calling her sweetie was just way too cute. Now today, Ava is freaking out because I put shorts on. I guess I haven't worn them in a long time and my legs are pretty pale, but come on! She says "No mommy. Get dressed. Need pants." Hahaha!

The Living Desert!

Loving the carousel!

Mr Handsome takes a good pic!

This guy either really loved me or hated me, but he followed me around!

I want a pet owl! This guy was about 6 inches tall and so cute!

Mama hummingbird!

Baby hummingbird!

Pretty butterfly that really liked my shirt!

My pretty butterfly :-)

Love the contrasting colors of this pic!

The coolest toy trains we have ever seen!

Z and A checking out the giraffes!

Just about melted my heart!

Enjoying some "dorito chips"

We had a great trip out to the Living Desert yesterday. I'm so glad we got out there when we did because it is starting to get so hot! We still had a great time though. We met up with another family from our mom's group and the kids had a great time exploring and seeing all the stuff that we didn't get to see last time. I was glad we made it out in time for the butterfly and hummingbird exhibit too. I guess it even gets too hot for those poor little guys come May!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day Layouts

In honor of Earth Day I did a couple of layouts involving the outdoors and how much we love to enjoy everything our Earth has to offer. The kids even planted sunflower seeds to learn how to take care of them and watch them grow (this was before Earth day, but it was still a good lesson!) Be kind to our Earth. We want to keep it around for a long, long time! Today we also went to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. We were certainly one with nature out there :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

I love digital scrapbooking!

I have been on this adventure in my life for a while now and I still feel like I learn something new every day! I got my start at and have recently found a site that has super cute kits ( If you have little kids and want to document their lives without the glue and scissors, then digital is for you!

Rain, Rain, You Can Stay!

We had a great time playing in the rain a couple of weeks ago! The funny part was me using Zach's Buzz Lightyear umbrella to protect my camera. My umbrella was missing so I went to buy a new one. Wouldn't you know it turned up today. Guess I didn't look as well as I thought.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More Allie Pictures for Ava's Birthday!

Some Cute Pictures from the Week

Zach and Ava enjoying their first corn of spring!

Zach showing Ava how to use the mouse and play Starfall

Just relaxin' on a Friday afternoon!

We've had a pretty boring week since Ava's birthday. Boring is good with two little ones though :-)

Scrapbook Layouts Galore!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ava Noelle Turns 2! at

We had a great time celebrating Ava's 2nd birthday!

My Baby is Two!

Ava celebrating her 2nd birthday!

Ava celebrating her 1st birthday!

Ava on the day of her birth!

We celebrated Ava's birthday yesterday and it was a wonderful day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Two Years Old Tomorrow!

My little girl will be two years old tomorrow. It feels like just a short time ago that I brought her home to meet her brother. It's amazing to me that he was 6 months younger than her then. Today she will celebrate her birthday at school. She was so excited to wear her cupcake shirt :-)

A note to Ava: Miss Ava Noelle! I love you more than words can say, more than there are stars in the universe and all the way up past Heaven! You have brought so much joy to my life and I can barely remember a time when you didn't exist. My thoughts have been of you all my life. From the time I can remember I couldn't wait to be your mom! Thank you for being such a lovely little turd!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning!

The kids were so excited to see their baskets in the morning! Zach even remembered on his own for the first time that the Easter bunny was supposed to have come. He couldn't wait for Ava to wake up so he went to take a peak on his own. Once she woke up he was thrilled to share everything with her. After pancakes and cinnamon rolls we had a family egg hunt. That silly bunny left eggs all over our backyard. The kids loved finding them at this more leisurely pace. After that we went to see How to Train Your Dragon (in 2D)and it was an adventure for sure. Zach did ok, but Ava was just far to restless for that long of a program. Andy and I took turns chasing her up and down the stairs. In the afternoon we did a bunch of yard work then sat down to a family Easter dinner. It was really a lovely day!

We Hope You Had a Happy Easter!

Ava trying to get a head start!

The Easter bunny came to our house!

We had a very fun filled weekend! Lots of fun and candy involved. On Saturday we did an egg hunt and saw the Easter bunny at an event put on by our HOA. The kids had a lot of fun. To my relief, Ava was actually excited to see the Easter bunny and wanted to hug and kiss him and give him high fives! They only got about three eggs each but they had a good time doing it. I told Zach to run out to the middle and start grabbing eggs so he ran out, fell down, grabbed one egg and ran back. I guess I have instilled the idea of sharing into him. The other kids came back with about twenty each because we were following the rules and not picking up the eggs for them but I suspect the other parents were not, haha!
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