Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We made our second visit to the ER on Friday night. I got home from scrapbooking and Zach started coughing that horrible barky sound that he makes when croup has taken ahold of him. Andy said he hadn't been coughing at all before bed so I thought I would head it off at the pass and get him into a humid bathroom. No such luck! It just kept getting worse and worse! Finally I was totally freaked out and I said we had to go to the ER. I mean, the kid sounded like he couldn't even take a deep breath. By the time we got to the ER he was already doing better. I figured if we went home without having him seen that it would just happen again even later in the night. They saw him after about an hour and tried to put him on a breathing treatment. HAHA! That would have been hilarious! The kid can't sit still for 2 minutes, never mind an hour or more. I asked for the oral steroid and to just go home and get some sleep. After dealing with a trillion people, a nurse finally brought it in to us. At this point we had moved ourselves into the hallway because the guy next to us was hacking up a lung! Seriously, I am 8 months pregnant and my son is under 2! Do you really need to stick us next to someone like that!? The ER is the worst possible place to spend your Friday night. I guess we better get used to it with another little hazard on the way.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Zach is really working on his vocabulary! He probably has about 30 ish words on his own and in the past couple of weeks he has taken to repeating our easier words. So we are sitting watching basketball (I think) and someone misses the shot. Andy yells out "homo", a word he doesn't use ever and I know he doesn't mean, but still! Then Zach comes out of his bounce house and starts saying "homo" repeatedly! I almost died! Andy almost died and you could see how bad he felt. I did almost pee my pants too. I have already done it a couple of times thus far into my pregnancy so it's not out of the realm of things that could happen. Now we really have to watch what we say!
The same night Zach decided he would be a big boy and try to pee in the potty. We didn't do this on purpose, but we did take off his diaper and let him run around while waiting for his bath to be ready. The next thing I know, he is standing next to the toilet and there is a pool of pee at his feet! I don't know if this was an accident, but he does watch us go on the "big boy/girl potty" so maybe he is putting it together. I went out yesterday and got him a potty and we also got him a potty book. We know he is only 16 months, but it can't hurt to introduce it, right?!
So life in our clan has been pretty good this week. The hilarious moments have outshined the rest! I'd say it's been a good spell!
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