Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Technical Difficulties!

This week has been insane for me with technology. I'm almost afraid to touch anything with wires because I can destroy it with the simple graze of a finger! My desktop decided to start crawling and because dear old hubby wouldn't do anything to fix it I just took the initiative to get it done. While I was doing that I hooked up my laptop to the internet. Well, wouldn't you know that I would pick then to get a virus. My "anti-virus" can't even protect against me. My laptop is now in the infermery on life support and I don't know if it's going to make it. My facebook account was hacked and similar email videos went out to all of my friends. I can't beileve I was stupid enough to open the video. The scary thing is it came from a friend from high school so I thought it would be funny to see what it was. One moment of not thinking is all it takes! I am usually so careful. Now I am home sick with a sinus infection. I went to the doctors yesterday and he gave me 3 different scripts to try to relieve my allergies/sinus issues. I loved being pregnant, these things hardly bothered me at all. Now I can't breath either. I have to go get a pulmonary workup to see exactly why I can't breath. The "therapy" I've been on for the last 2 months made pretty much no difference. I'm just a mess! I plan to get pictures up at some point, but I wanted to give an update. I'm usually much better at blogging. Ava and I will be in NH this weekend so I probably won't be doing much then either. I can't believe my baby is almost 1!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crawling, Tickle Tickle and Uh-Oh!

Ava is finally getting up on all fours and moving around a bit! She is so funny! She goes from crawling to sitting and then claps for herself because she is so proud :) We clap too so she loves it! She is also saying tickle, tickle when we tickle her and dropping things just so that she can say uh-oh! We go to NH next week for her first birthday party and I can't wait for everyone to see her. It's been way to long. I think this is the longest I have ever been away from home.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karen!

In the limo starting the night!

Workin' the pole!

Birthday girl!

The whole bunch of us!

At Breakfast this morning! In need of H20!

After Vegas yesterday I went straight down to Orange County for a fabulous girls night celebration of Karen's Birthday! Karen pulls out all of the stops every few years for her birthday. This year was no different! First we met at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel for "apertifs", I was way late though because I had just driven back from Vegas. I was just in time to get in the limo and make it to our super secret next activity. It turned out to be a pole dancing class! It was so much fun and not in the least sexy on my part, but what a fun surprise! I now have bruises and sore muscles though from all of the fun :) Next we went to dinner at Mozambique in Laguna and watched a great band named Just Jinjer. They will be releasing an album here in the next month or so. I really enjoyed them and I look forward to getting their CD. After that most of us called it a night and a couple of the party went out for more dancing. In the morning we woke up, headed to Surf and Sand Hotel and ate breakfast at Splashes while overlooking the ocean. It was spectacular and I am so glad I went!

Vegas, baby!

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Las Vegas March 2009

(This is a montage of all of the pictures because there were just so many! Click on the pic to see!)

This week we met my parents in Vegas! It was the first time for both of the kids. We were a little nervous about the drive, but both kids were total champs both ways. On Thursday we had a little scare because mom was in the emergency room when we got there. Turns out she has pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung. They wanted to keep her but she refused because she wanted to see us so badly. She is a trooper :) On Friday we went to the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay where we were staying. The kids both enjoyed all the exhibits. It was so worth the $17 fee to enter. That afternoon we went down to float around in the lazy river. That's my favorite part of my trips to Mandalay Bay. The last time I was there I didn't have kids though so it was a bit different! On Friday night Andy and I went to visit some of his friends from Oregon who were down for the NCAA tournament. That was a good time, as usual! We got up early on Saturday, had breakfast, said our good-byes to Nannie and Papa and made the long trek home! If you're on Facebook I posted some different pictures there from my cell phone. The one of me laughing with a drink in my hand is my favorite! Andy was trying to use my blackberry and went off on a tirade about the horrible interfacing blah blah blah! I about died laughing! We all had a great time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We hope you all enjoyed your St. Patty's Day! We all wore our green today even though we aren't Irish! At work we had corn beef sandwiches and potatoes. After work we headed to Sophia's for a playdate! Everyone (except for me!) made something green and yummy to eat. Zach ate so much that he wouldn't eat dinner! These pix are courtesy of Jen because I forgot my camera, again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two and a half!

Zach is now two and a HALF! Today is his half birthday. To celebrate we had some cake and went to Toys R Us. He picked out an $8 bouncy ball. We thought we were getting off cheap so I also got him the bubble mower. Turns out the ball was half the price of the mower!
On Friday we had our moms group over and learned about numbers and clocks. On Saturday we met up with a bunch of the members at the Living Desert in Palm Desert. It was a very cool place. It was a lot more than I expected. It had big animals like Giraffe's and Zebras and little things like a butterfly and hummingbird exhibit. We didn't make it to the flowers before meltdowns started though. We are at about 3 hours now. If we get somewhere around 10 we can get to 1 before it starts, but any time after that is fair game!
Ava has been giving kisses for a little while now, but I thought it was so cute to see her giving kisses to her daddy! This is a video of her and daddy. She even does the lip smacking sound. She just cracks us up!

Friday, March 13, 2009

How Rude!

Some people are just unbelievable. I have been emailing all week with a woman about a swing set. I told her I was getting a truck and coming to get it on Saturday, as long as it was as described. I called tonight to get her address and she says, "Just so you know, someone else is coming tonight to look at it." WTF! I was livid. I told her that I was under the assumption that I was getting it tomorrow. She said that people have been so flaky that she didn't think I was going to show. I hate that a few horrible people ruin it for the rest of us good people. Andy thinks it would have been to big for our backyard anyway. He's probably right, as usual! But I can still be mad!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ava is 11 months old!

One year ago I was going off on maternity leave and waiting for meet my daughter! At this point last year I was thinking that pregnancy was one month too long! It's amazing how quickly things change. Ava is now 11 months old and just one month from her first birthday. WOW! She is getting around and pulling up to her knees, but she still isn't "crawling". She's got her own thing going! She now signs "more" and "milk" and much prefers the bottle over nursing. She will nurse in the morning, but the rest of the day she wants a bottle. Even after she's nursed :( I'm a little sad about this weaning thing. She will probably be my last baby so once she is done it will be the end. I think it will be a bit of a relief too. Not having to lug around the pump and say "only one for me, I'm nursing." Moms night out may get a little more fun, hehehe!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Home Improvements!

We have done a lot of home improvements in the last month! We started with new fencing, then added a cement walkway to go with it. Next we did new counters in the kitchen and then we dug up the front bark mulch and put down river rock. The smallest but cutest renovation would be the addition of a hummingbird feeder! This gorgeous little purple guy flits around it, but I have yet to catch him on camera!

Still sick!

The blog has been neglected this week! I have been sick and Zach had a temp. of 104 on Thursday. He is fine now, but I am still suffering. Isn't that the way?! In kid news, Ava has started using the sign for "more" and seems to really be grasping it. She has also started to nod her head to say yes more consistently. It's pretty funny! Zach is continuously cracking us up and making us want to pull out our hair within the same five minutes! He is so stubborn. We always give him a kiss before we leave (and a hug and a high five) but lately he has been saying "not now, later (yater)!" and won't kiss us! He thinks it's pretty funny! He has started to pretend play a lot and always gives us candy and cake etc. His sweet tooth has even made it into his imaginary world. Yesterday I was starting to feel better so we did a bunch of shopping, stuff around the house and yard work. We dug up the bark mulch and replaced it with river rock. It made a HUGE difference in our front yard. We also had the counters replaced this week. They are so perty!!! I'm glad we finally bit the bullet!

Ava is almost one!

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Ava's Birthday-Save the Date!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yesterday we had two birthday parties to go to! Baby G turned 1 and little R celebrated her 3rd birthday! We all went to the first party and Zach ventured for the first time into the bounce house, but not without his Daddy as his shield! By the time the second party rolled around Ava had had enough of the festivities. She and Andy decided to sit the second one out (I'm sure Andy didn't mind that at all!) We had a great time and it was so fun to celebrate with our friends :) I also decided to take my little camera as the other one takes up so much more room. I'm quickly becoming dependent on my Nikon!
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