Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa! (December 13th pictures of the day)

Eating the gingerbread house we worked so hard on yesterday, LOL!

Today is my parents last day here :( We went to the mall as a family today to get the kids pictures taken with Santa. After about an hour long wait, Ava was so tired that she cried when we walked up to him. She didn't smile for Santa a couple of weeks ago, but she didn't cry either! I felt like the horrible mom torturing her poor kid for a picture. Eventually she just resigned herself to sitting there and letting them take her picture. Nannie bought them both lollipops afterwards and poor Ava fell asleep on the drive home with her lolli in her hand. Zach was a trooper until we started heading home. Then he threw an I'm tired and hungry fit as we were walking out of the mall. There were tons of people with kids and I said, I'm sure these parents are just happy it's not their kid doing it!

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