Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've failed :(

It is now December 18th and I have not taken a Christmas picture since Sunday, I believe. My parents left on Monday and I was pretty sad. I hate being away from them during the holidays but traveling with Ava right now is no fun. Plus the chance of getting stuck somewhere due to snow just freaks me out. When they are a bit bigger we will start the winter traveling again. Next year I really plan to be home. I had said I would do every other year and now this is year two away from home. Ava hasn't celebrated a Christmas back east yet or even seen real snow. Zach loved it at her age. He was 15 months the last Christmas we went home. I am really excited to be spending Christmas with my Nana though. It will be a rough drive, but at least we can get out of the car from time to time.
We had a holiday playdate here on Tuesday and I completely forgot to take out my camera. What a bummer! I've just been so tired and out of it lately. To top it off, Miss Ava had a horrible night last night. Up a few times and thinking it was time to play. Had to let her fuss herself to sleep. It's been a long time since she didn't sleep through the night. I'm sure she is working on something new. She is definitely talking a lot more. Plus they had a Christmas party at school yesterday with lots of treats. They were both wired for sound all evening!

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Angela said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time. As exciting as they are, all the holiday stress can really wear you down too. Take care of yourself Sarah. We are here if you need anything. :)

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