Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vegas, baby!

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Las Vegas March 2009

(This is a montage of all of the pictures because there were just so many! Click on the pic to see!)

This week we met my parents in Vegas! It was the first time for both of the kids. We were a little nervous about the drive, but both kids were total champs both ways. On Thursday we had a little scare because mom was in the emergency room when we got there. Turns out she has pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung. They wanted to keep her but she refused because she wanted to see us so badly. She is a trooper :) On Friday we went to the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay where we were staying. The kids both enjoyed all the exhibits. It was so worth the $17 fee to enter. That afternoon we went down to float around in the lazy river. That's my favorite part of my trips to Mandalay Bay. The last time I was there I didn't have kids though so it was a bit different! On Friday night Andy and I went to visit some of his friends from Oregon who were down for the NCAA tournament. That was a good time, as usual! We got up early on Saturday, had breakfast, said our good-byes to Nannie and Papa and made the long trek home! If you're on Facebook I posted some different pictures there from my cell phone. The one of me laughing with a drink in my hand is my favorite! Andy was trying to use my blackberry and went off on a tirade about the horrible interfacing blah blah blah! I about died laughing! We all had a great time!

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Tyler's Mom said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! We are headed to Vegas at the end of May, with Tyler in tow. Long story but it will still be a great trip, right?!?! ;)

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