Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still sick!

The blog has been neglected this week! I have been sick and Zach had a temp. of 104 on Thursday. He is fine now, but I am still suffering. Isn't that the way?! In kid news, Ava has started using the sign for "more" and seems to really be grasping it. She has also started to nod her head to say yes more consistently. It's pretty funny! Zach is continuously cracking us up and making us want to pull out our hair within the same five minutes! He is so stubborn. We always give him a kiss before we leave (and a hug and a high five) but lately he has been saying "not now, later (yater)!" and won't kiss us! He thinks it's pretty funny! He has started to pretend play a lot and always gives us candy and cake etc. His sweet tooth has even made it into his imaginary world. Yesterday I was starting to feel better so we did a bunch of shopping, stuff around the house and yard work. We dug up the bark mulch and replaced it with river rock. It made a HUGE difference in our front yard. We also had the counters replaced this week. They are so perty!!! I'm glad we finally bit the bullet!

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