Friday, February 27, 2009

Not feeling well :(

This has been a tiring week. So much to do and so little time! Last night I was nauseous and today my throat is starting to hurt. I had the beginning of a migraine for 2 days and held it off with round the clock motrin, tylenol and caffeine! I have a Moms Night tonight so I hope it holds off for a little bit! The kids are doing great! Ava pulled herself up in Zach's crib the other day, but hasn't done it again. That's progress though and we'll take it! Zach has been going on the potty about 50-75% of the day! We have to bribe him with heart candies though. Whatever works! I pick and choose my battles. We're just sure to keep brushing his teeth twice a day. Zach's Image of the Year contest ends tonight! If you haven't voted yet you can visit go to the blog, scroll down to the bottom and vote for #17! Thanks to all of those that did vote. It really means a lot to us :)

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