Monday, February 9, 2009

Tubes and Adnoids

Today was Zach's surgery. We got to the surgery center around 7 and they took us back to the admitting and children's waiting room within 20 minutes. Our friends were back there too because their little guy was also getting tubes. The boys played and then it was little G's turn to go back. When we saw our friends going by we knew he has come out and soon it was Zach's turn. Zach got to wear one of those sweet hospital gowns that open in the back. Thank goodness he's not shy! They came to get him and I could hear him crying in the back room. We sat in the waiting area for over 30 minutes. I started to hear him screaming but no one was coming to get us. I got very impatient and waited by the door for them to come. When we went back he was in the arms of a nurse and she was trying to sooth him. He was thrashing around and screaming like I had never seen. He was hooked to an IV so she was trying to get him not to pull it out. I took him but he was so out of it that he didn't seem to notice we were there. Finally Andy took him, put him on his shoulder and Zach started to twirl his hair like he does when he is tired. He said, "go ni-night" and proceeded to fall back to sleep. The nurse said he thrashed around while he was going under and also played with his hair while he was going out. He slept for over 1/2 an hour and when he woke up he was no longer thrashing, just very groggy and grumpy. We got him dressed (not an easy task) and proceeded to leave. On our way out the door it was like a light bulb clicked on. He was Zach again. He asked where baby G was and pointed out the water fountain across the street. Once home he curled up on the couch for some Gabba Gabba. He didn't want us near him for a little while. Then he wanted to lay in my lap and just rested there for a while and watched TV. A little bit later he got a new spurt of two year old energy and managed to eat a little. Fruit snacks of all things! I guess his throat doesn't hurt that bad!

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TracEy said...

Poor little guy. I would be scared too knowing that I am going to have something done and not have anyone I know around me. How scary. I am surprised they didn't have at least one of you in the room with him. I hope he is feeling better now. I don't know what tubes are, I am guessing it has something to do with the ears, but it doesn't sound like fun. I am going to give you a call right now and see if you need anything. Talk to you in a minute I hope.

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