Monday, April 5, 2010

We Hope You Had a Happy Easter!

Ava trying to get a head start!

The Easter bunny came to our house!

We had a very fun filled weekend! Lots of fun and candy involved. On Saturday we did an egg hunt and saw the Easter bunny at an event put on by our HOA. The kids had a lot of fun. To my relief, Ava was actually excited to see the Easter bunny and wanted to hug and kiss him and give him high fives! They only got about three eggs each but they had a good time doing it. I told Zach to run out to the middle and start grabbing eggs so he ran out, fell down, grabbed one egg and ran back. I guess I have instilled the idea of sharing into him. The other kids came back with about twenty each because we were following the rules and not picking up the eggs for them but I suspect the other parents were not, haha!

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