Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs!

The kids had a lot of fun coloring eggs and making crafts at Phia's house (Sophia is actually her name!) They got to make little baskets for candy, then we died eggs. The egg coloring with a bunch of toddlers is very interesting. One of our friends just took off her sons shirt because she was tired of saying no! Toddlers don't understand placing the egg in gently. They all loved to just toss them in. Once Ava realized that they cracked, she tried to throw whatever she could get her hands on! The funniest part is when Zach could not comprehend that these eggs did not have candy in them. We left the eggs unattended for a little while while doing something else and I came in to find our carton (luckily we only had 4 eggs in it at the time) on the ground with smashed eggs. I suspect it was Ava because there was also a chair pulled over to the counter and that is her thing now. We have to push everything we don't want her to have to the back. Yesterday I found her with a pen and paper drawing on the telephone stand. I can't believe this little poop is going to be 2 years old in just one week. Time is flying way to fast.

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