Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning!

The kids were so excited to see their baskets in the morning! Zach even remembered on his own for the first time that the Easter bunny was supposed to have come. He couldn't wait for Ava to wake up so he went to take a peak on his own. Once she woke up he was thrilled to share everything with her. After pancakes and cinnamon rolls we had a family egg hunt. That silly bunny left eggs all over our backyard. The kids loved finding them at this more leisurely pace. After that we went to see How to Train Your Dragon (in 2D)and it was an adventure for sure. Zach did ok, but Ava was just far to restless for that long of a program. Andy and I took turns chasing her up and down the stairs. In the afternoon we did a bunch of yard work then sat down to a family Easter dinner. It was really a lovely day!

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