Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Living Desert!

Loving the carousel!

Mr Handsome takes a good pic!

This guy either really loved me or hated me, but he followed me around!

I want a pet owl! This guy was about 6 inches tall and so cute!

Mama hummingbird!

Baby hummingbird!

Pretty butterfly that really liked my shirt!

My pretty butterfly :-)

Love the contrasting colors of this pic!

The coolest toy trains we have ever seen!

Z and A checking out the giraffes!

Just about melted my heart!

Enjoying some "dorito chips"

We had a great trip out to the Living Desert yesterday. I'm so glad we got out there when we did because it is starting to get so hot! We still had a great time though. We met up with another family from our mom's group and the kids had a great time exploring and seeing all the stuff that we didn't get to see last time. I was glad we made it out in time for the butterfly and hummingbird exhibit too. I guess it even gets too hot for those poor little guys come May!

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