Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick house!

Sick Ava!

Zach got his first real golf club and is having lots of fun practicing!

Ava has been running a low grade fever from what I thought was her molars. Last night I noticed that she seemed to be falling over a lot when playing. She's not walking, but would fall when standing or sitting even. This morning she woke up with eye gunk. I didn't see any pink so I thought it was just allergies. Something made me decide to call the doctor and they wanted to see her. With this swine flu stuff I think they are being overly cautious. I brought her in and she has a double ear infection and PINK EYE! Geesh! I have been having a hard time breathing and it's getting worse. Now I have a headache, my chest hurts and I have an cough. Uggh! Just back to work and we're all getting sick. It's got to hit us one last time before the end of the season!

Kids first bath together!

1 comment:

Jessi said...

Aww, love all of the pictures!

Poor Ava!!! My goodness. I can't imagine.

I hope you feel better asap too.

Zach looks like such a little man with his golf ball :)

Love the bath picture too! My kids have taken their baths together since Aiden started sitting up around 6 months!

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