Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Ava My Darling!

Today is Ava's first (second really) birthday! She is one year old! One year ago at this time I was at the hospital getting ready to have her. In about 2 hours from now she will officially be one year old! Since it is her special day I think I will do an "Ava inventory" to write about all of the wonderful things she is doing now! To start, she is FINALLY crawling in the "traditional" manner. She is up on all fours and going all over the place. She started a few weeks back, but this last week she has really taken off. It seems she found her self during our trip to NH. She is also pulling up, still a little unsteadily, but she is getting there. That is a good sign for the neuro visit next week. This week has been eventful in that she has thrown up twice. Once on me on the plane coming home and once in her bed at daycare. The girl was covered! Back to the good stuff. Ava loves to stand and walk with fingers. She'll go 5-10 steps before wanting to stop. She is talking up a storm! She says, mama, dada, papa, nana, bella, baba, baby (the same word as baba but used in context), numnum (for food), tickle tickle, more, up (pup)and she signs all done, more, milk (drink), please. There may be more, but that's all I can think of right now. She loves to feed herself, but just loves food in general really. We will find out exactly how much she weighs at her one year appointment on Tuesday. I think between 22-23 lbs. She is turned around in her carseat and loving it! She is even trying to blow her nose! I guess that comes with lots of sinus/allergy issues. She's learning young! One of her all time favorite pasttimes (aside from giving kisses) is singing and dancing! Overall she is doing great and she continues to amaze us every day!

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