Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 molars plus no naps for the toddler equals.....

Eeek! I found that Ava was getting at least 2 molars at the beginning of the week. After feeling around for their progress today I saw that she is getting all 4 at the same time! No wonder the poor thing has been a mess. She is a trooper though, nothing compared to Zach's teething bouts at this age. With the way that Zach puts things in his mouth you would think that he was teething too, but he has all of his teeth. I wish I could blame his behavior in the last few days on teething. He has just been a total grouch and this is now day number 2 with no nap. I really need that nap time! I hope he isn't trying to do away with it completely. Yesterday was good though because he was asleep on the couch by 8! We're lucky to get him in bed by 9 on a regular night. It's 8:30 now though and he is still wired for sound.

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