Friday, April 17, 2009

2 and a half year old conversation

Zach- "you go potty?"
Mom- "yes"
Zach - "I turn light on?"
Mom- "we don't need it"
Zach- "I do this one"
Mom- "Fine"
Zach-"Not the loud one?" (meaning the one for the fan)
Mom-"Not the loud one."
Zach-"I go down the toilet?"
Mom-"what goes down the toilet?"

I guess he thought if he turned on the loud fan thing that he would be flushed down the toilet! No wonder he actually listened to me when I told him no! HAHAHA! Is it bad to keep him thinking that so that he will leave it alone?

Conversation #2 (caution possible TMI, it is about #2)
Zach-"I go potty"
Mom- "OK, let's go"
Mom- "well, it looks like you already went in your pants"
Zach-"I go more"
Mom-"OK" and takes off diaper
Zach- "What did you eat?"
Zach-(after actually going more!) "I all done. I get heart candy now!"
Heart candy bought in bulk is the greatest motivator!


Tyler's Mom said...

Kids say the funniest things! I read stuff like this and I so wish you guys lived closer!!! Give the kiddos a big kiss from us!

Anonymous said...

that is the funniest thing! Too Cute

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