Friday, July 30, 2010

Polo Shirts and Mowhawks!

My first full week of work in a long time! I'm exhausted. The good news is both kids did better this week at school and dance class. Zach likes to put on a show for me in the morning, but then the teacher sends me pictures on my phone to show me how much fun he is having! What a turd! Ava started potty training herself, however she just can't seem to get the concept of moving your clothes out of the way. Zach has a new obsession, polo shirts and mowhawks! Andy is taking Zach to his first Angels game tonight and they are both so excited. Hopefully he will get some good pictures (I think I have him pretty trained up, LOL!) Now, off to find some more polo shirts because the boy is recycling them and refuses to wear anything else.

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