Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Hampshire Fun (day 1)

Funny boy resisting sleep!

Ava and Addison

Ava and Nana having a conversation

Let lagged kiddos!

We have been in NH for a week now and we are enjoying our time with the family! Lots of pictures to add but the majority of them are on Facebook already :-) Day one was Friday. We got into Logan airport at 5 am and the kids barely slept at all. Zach got a few hours and Ava got maybe 2. She was a total turd and refused to calm down until she fell down! Once we got to my parents Andy and I went to bed because we slept maybe 5 minutes. Ava stayed up for a little bit, but Zach took the cake by staying up until he dropped at about 4pm. We had some family and friends over and it was great to see them. Some for the first time in almost a year. I hate being away from home for that long.

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