Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirates, Kitty Cats and Good Finds!

Daycare was closed today so Andy and I took shifts with the kiddos. He got the morning and I got the afternoon. Part of the afternoon was naps (which I took part in as well) and the other part was playing outside and being in aw of my sons ever growing imagination! He was pretending to be a pirate. When I asked if we could go to a tropical island he said yes. I said "but what will we eat?" and he said "dorito chips!" So we proceeded to take the ship to the store and buy doritos for our stay on our tropical island. I asked if I have to be a parent there and he said "no, you can just swim in the water" Love it! Ava decided that she was a kitty cat on the ship. Too funny!

The other pictures are of the great find that we got at Market Night. La Monique Boutique had this wonderful hat! I wanted to buy another head band but I was down to my last $10 in cash. It was between the two and I just had to have the hat. I mean, Ava just needed it afterall!

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