Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrapbook Layouts!

Here are some layouts from the last couple of days! Andy wonders what I will do with all of these layouts, but I put them all in albums. I have a family one, and Zach and Ava each have their own. I am printing them a little at a time because

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More cute pix and video from the week!

A couple other cute pix. I am irritated though that I can't get some of my pictures off of my camera! I will try again when I have some more patience. If you listen closely to the video, you can hear Zach say "I'm so happy!" I just love it!

Playdates for kids and mommy!

Zach enjoying his shake!

Ava's milkshake is better than yours!

TracEy and me after grubbin'!

The grub! We had lots of left overs!

On Friday we had a playgroup playdate and then I had a mommy playdate with the wonderful ladies from my scrapbooking group! The kids and I went to a make a milkshake playdate and Ava had her own milkshake for the first time ever! She was in Heaven! That night I went out with the ladies and I was in Heaven with the crazy meal we got! The mashed sweet pototoes were to die for! TracEy treated me as a belated birthday dinner. Thanks, TracEy! On Saturday we went to a birthday party at Jump!Zone and the kids favorite part was the cupcakes. Ava had her first and she devoured it! I'm sensing a sweet pattern here! Today we did our first ice cream cones of the summer (yes, Ava's first ever) but I plan to scrap those pictures so they will be up soon! I think we are creating sweet toothed monsters!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP and new scrapbook layouts

What a sad two days, first Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett, now Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson is really getting to me. He was so young. Same age as my mother. I have done some scrapbooking in the past few days so here are some more of my layouts too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Park Play!

These are some more pictures from Allie's photo shoot with the family and then some from our time at the park on Saturday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy dad's day to my wonderful husband, my great step dad and my father in law! Also to all of the other men with children who are more than just father's and are actual dads! If you are one of them, then I hope you are celebrating your day!

This has been an eventful week in our house! With everything going on I have had less computer time than usual. I have a bunch of pictures of the kids from the week, the park day instead of aquarium day yesterday and today's trip to the aquarium, a day late. We were supposed to go yesterday but Ava decided to barf all over herself and the car just as we pulled onto the 10. Needless to say we turned right around to clean her and the carseat! By the time we were done we knew we would hit the crowds at the aquarium. After returning home from the park I found the side gate to be open and both dogs to be gone! It only took me 5 minutes to find them because they know they have a good thing, but I was so worried that they were picked up. Their tags have just expired so I knew that would just be my luck! Speaking of Bella, we found out this week that she has a thyroid issue and will need to be on medication for the rest of her life. One more thing for me to remember! Well, at least it was an easy fix and the pills are only $14 a month. Fingers crossed that she stays healthy otherwise! Ava is on antibiotics again for the same stupid ear infection and is also budding some more teeth. To top that off she had a stomach bug. Zach had the stomach bug at the beginning of the week, but it didn't cause to much damage. Just one night of puking. I had an urgent care visit myself for stomach pain. Geez, is there anything else?! Okay, I've had enough rehashing and complaining for now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 years in 3 months!



Zach will be 3 years old in just 3 short months! According to him he is already 3 though! He is such a boy now and continues to crack me up and try my patience. Last night he got sick a few times, but was better by this morning. At daycare he had a conversation with his friend about throwing up! His friend was sick last week with a stomach thing as well. Zach: I throwed up! Ethan: I throwed up! Zach: I run in my room and throw up on the chair and blanket! Ethan: You throwed up?! Zach: Yeah, in my room. I was amazed by the conversation because when we met Ethan he was in his mommy's belly as well! Now they are their own people! Truly amazing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Laguna with Jill!

Mommy and Ava in the same spot that Mommy and Daddy decided where they would get married!

Jill is here from Boston to visit her boyfriend's friends and family. I figured it would be great to see her and get in some coast time as well :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Andy & Zach's Adventures in Oregon!

Zach with his cousins Jordan and Jarrett!

Zach, Grandma and the goat!

Zach throwing rocks in the river!

Andy and our niece Livia!

Zach playing fetch with Cam!

The boys went to Oregon for the weekend! They went to see Andy's family and go to a family reunion. From the looks of the pictures they had a great time!

Ava is 14 Months Old!

Scrapbooking layouts of pictures by Allison Hays.

Ava is 14 months old today! She is growing so quickly and doing more and more every day. Andy and Zach went to Oregon over the weekend and I realized just how truly pleasant she is when her brother is not around to influence her! She even did me the courtesy of staying in bed until 7 each weekend morning! She is talking up a storm, still single words but her vocabulary is growing! She tries to copy the single words or sounds that we make. She has taken to throwing everything she can find off of her high chair or out of the stroller. She will walk with fingers, but still refuses to let go. She gets mad when you try to walk holding just one hand, but she can do it! She loves to be outside and in all of the action with the boys. She now crawls herself out to join them. Today I found her chewing on something and she smiled to reveal a mouth full of dirt! She was just chewing away! Wish I got a picture but I was too disgusted. She has a consult for tubes in July so we will see how that goes. So far this week we have managed to stay healthy so let's keep our fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I went to work on Friday and was called by the daycare at about 9 to let me know that Ava had a rash all over her body! Turned out that the high fever was due to roseola afterall! She also has a double ear infection and we suspect teeth. Thankfully she is doing much better now and sleeping through the night again. It really makes me rethink my desire for a possible third child!

We had a wonderful weekend inspite of the boys being gone. We went to Erin's on Friday night, hung out with Karen and Jamie at Fashion Island on Saturday then had the ladies over for some scrapping good times today! We miss those boys though and can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pictures with Allie!

Goobers and sickness!

If you look closely you can see her face and teeth because she is licking her plate!

Zach's new "hat"

Under the computer desk!

Well, this has been a very hellish week in our house. Ava was a fuss bucket all weekend. We attributed it to teeth. She has 12 already so we figured the last 4 before 2 year molars were making their presence known. It seems that with teething comes increased ear infections for my kiddos. Finally on Tuesday I brought her to the doctor because she was just miserable. By the time we got their her fever has spiked to 104! Eek! Everyone was trying to get her to take motrin and drink gatorade. The poor baby's ear infections were back. Now we are on round 3 of antibiotics for this infection. It's an antibiotic for resistant strains so I'm sure it will wreak havoc on her system. We are also waiting to hear from ENT regarding her tube consult. Looks like we are heading in the same direction as we did with Zach :( The last 48 hours have been miserable with no sleep for parents or baby. All she wanted to do was be held and would only sleep if we were touching. Her fever kept spiking so we would wake up sweating! It's now 9 pm and she has been in bed since 7:30 with no fussing. Fingers are crossed!
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