Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ava is 14 Months Old!

Scrapbooking layouts of pictures by Allison Hays.

Ava is 14 months old today! She is growing so quickly and doing more and more every day. Andy and Zach went to Oregon over the weekend and I realized just how truly pleasant she is when her brother is not around to influence her! She even did me the courtesy of staying in bed until 7 each weekend morning! She is talking up a storm, still single words but her vocabulary is growing! She tries to copy the single words or sounds that we make. She has taken to throwing everything she can find off of her high chair or out of the stroller. She will walk with fingers, but still refuses to let go. She gets mad when you try to walk holding just one hand, but she can do it! She loves to be outside and in all of the action with the boys. She now crawls herself out to join them. Today I found her chewing on something and she smiled to reveal a mouth full of dirt! She was just chewing away! Wish I got a picture but I was too disgusted. She has a consult for tubes in July so we will see how that goes. So far this week we have managed to stay healthy so let's keep our fingers crossed!

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