Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playdates for kids and mommy!

Zach enjoying his shake!

Ava's milkshake is better than yours!

TracEy and me after grubbin'!

The grub! We had lots of left overs!

On Friday we had a playgroup playdate and then I had a mommy playdate with the wonderful ladies from my scrapbooking group! The kids and I went to a make a milkshake playdate and Ava had her own milkshake for the first time ever! She was in Heaven! That night I went out with the ladies and I was in Heaven with the crazy meal we got! The mashed sweet pototoes were to die for! TracEy treated me as a belated birthday dinner. Thanks, TracEy! On Saturday we went to a birthday party at Jump!Zone and the kids favorite part was the cupcakes. Ava had her first and she devoured it! I'm sensing a sweet pattern here! Today we did our first ice cream cones of the summer (yes, Ava's first ever) but I plan to scrap those pictures so they will be up soon! I think we are creating sweet toothed monsters!

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