Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goobers and sickness!

If you look closely you can see her face and teeth because she is licking her plate!

Zach's new "hat"

Under the computer desk!

Well, this has been a very hellish week in our house. Ava was a fuss bucket all weekend. We attributed it to teeth. She has 12 already so we figured the last 4 before 2 year molars were making their presence known. It seems that with teething comes increased ear infections for my kiddos. Finally on Tuesday I brought her to the doctor because she was just miserable. By the time we got their her fever has spiked to 104! Eek! Everyone was trying to get her to take motrin and drink gatorade. The poor baby's ear infections were back. Now we are on round 3 of antibiotics for this infection. It's an antibiotic for resistant strains so I'm sure it will wreak havoc on her system. We are also waiting to hear from ENT regarding her tube consult. Looks like we are heading in the same direction as we did with Zach :( The last 48 hours have been miserable with no sleep for parents or baby. All she wanted to do was be held and would only sleep if we were touching. Her fever kept spiking so we would wake up sweating! It's now 9 pm and she has been in bed since 7:30 with no fussing. Fingers are crossed!

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