Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating!

The gang!

Miss Ladybug!

Mr Pirate!

This tutu tickles!

Ava enjoying a snack and a ride!

Is the playdate here? She didn't understand not going in the house!

On Halloween we met up at our friends house and the whole gang went out Trick or Treating! We did a big circle around their neighborhood and both Zach and Ava were both done about halfway through. We had Ava's little car and all the kids wanted to ride in it! She did not want to share though. Ava was so funny about her pumpkin. She would not let us carry it for her no matter how heavy it got! Zach on the other hand wanted me to carry him and his pumpkin! All of the kids were so cute! It was also nice to have Nannie with us for the first time on Halloween :)

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