Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Opportunistic Boy and New Moon!

I finally convinced Andy to go see New Moon with me. I was bummed that it came out the week that we were on vacation and he knew this. He is such a great husband. I have to say that Jacob was H-O-T. He is not yet legal, so I think I should be careful. That is why I spelled it out (teehee!) Tonight we went to hang out with Andy's friends, but I left early to come home to put the boy of a million fits to bed. I think his parents are pretty worn out from all of this live in grandparenting. I get home at about 9 and Zach has been asking for marshmallows for about two hours. Grandma stuck to her guns and said no. So we are all talking and Zach says "what did you say, Grandma? That I can have marshmallows?" We both laugh at how opportunistic this child is. He couldn't help but see a change in the situation and go for it! Now he is standing next to me and just asked me why I kicked him. I DID NOT kick him. I giggle and he asks, "Hey mom,do I crack you up?" Then comes out with another "why you mad?" Where the heck does this come from?

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