Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Post

Sunday November 15th was the 4 year anniversary of my father's passing. It is sad to know that he will never know my children and they will never know him. I know he is watching over us though and helping to keep us all safe and happy. To honor him I took a bit of Italian culture from my good friend Aurora. One day in November they honor those that have passed by celebrating the children. They tell the children about those that they have lost and the children receive a gift that is "from them". I changed the day to the day of his passing and took the opportunity to show them the picture on the fridge and tell them that he would have loved them very much. I also gave them each a little toy to celebrate his life. Yesterday was also his birthday, so this month is sort of bittersweet for me. So much celebrating and giving thanks, mixed with a little sorrow as well.

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Angela said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. I miss my dad all the time, even 11 years after his passing. I often think how he would get such a kick out of Emma, had he had the chance to meet her. I like your idea for remembrance and may give it a try to when Emma gets a bit older...

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