Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to the ER :(

We headed back to the ER last night at about midnight. It was our third trip for the same thing with Zach. Again we have croup. I don't know how many of you have had a child with it, but it is a horrible feeling when your baby can't take a deep breath and it telling you that his chest hurts. I called nurse advice first and she said he needed to be seen but whether we would drive him or call an ambulance was what she was trying to decipher. We did a few of the recommended things and decided it was safe for us to bring him in. He was getting air enough to request ice cream and complain about the cold freezer. At the ER they gave him an oral steroid and we were set to leave when he said his ear hurt. He hadn't complained at all. Come to find out we have yet another ear infection with tubes. So today we have to start the butt load of antibiotics, oral steroids and we have an inhaler now just in case. I am praying it doesn't turn out to be asthma. My little sport nut would go crazy if he had to be inhibited. In other news, Andy's friends just attended their 100th consecutive Oregon Ducks game! That is quite the endeavor! Even the away games! They even made it on to a local radio station. Congrats to them!

This is Ava in her new Emerson College bib! This is what us alumni get from them when we have a baby :)

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Tyler's Mom said...

We thought Tyler had croup a few weeks ago...not the case thankfully. I hope Zach is feeling better soon!!! Kisses to both kiddos!!!

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