Sunday, August 24, 2008

About Greece and Strawberries

It looks like Andy's trip to Greece is official :( I will be a single mom for at least 7 days while he is gone. And it will be on Zach's birthday to boot, meaning we had to postpone our trip to Sea World. This sucks! We also brought the babies to doctors appointments this week. Ava had her 4 month appointment and she weighs 15.4 lbs. I asked what percentile she was in and the doctor said, "big!" Haha! 75th-90th % for weight. She also had to get a bunch of shots, which is always hard on both of us. It was far worse than getting her ears pierced. We also brought Zach to this appointment due to his crazy rashes. It's just as I had suspected, he is indeed allergic to strawberries! That sucks too. He LOVES strawberries and anything strawberry related. He can't even have neopolitan ice cream. The doctor said he will most likely not grow out of this because it is just like peanut allergies and it will get worse with prolonged exposure. Well, I can't seem to recall the rest of the week right now because I am exhausted. I did have a chance to go to breakfast and for a pedicure this morning with a friend though. Andy feels horrible about leaving me so he is being super nice :) He told me to get it all in before he has to leave so I am living it up!

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