Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change, Change and More Change!

We are all moved out of the old house. The house that holds so many memories. I've heard from a couple people that memories are of people, not of things. I am trying to tell myself this, but I am still a bit sad to have seen the inside of my little house for the last time. I walked around for longer then I needed to and just had a good cry to mourn the loss. The kids didn't understand, but they tried to be sympathetic. They are so darn cute sometimes. Poor Zach even cried a little because I was crying.

In other news, Ava is really a big girl now. First she gave up the pacifier with ease, then she started potty training and is doing really well. Now she is moving into a big girl bed. Her crib didn't survive the move so we are getting her a toddler bed. She has made a special request for a princess bed. I suppose I should go to bed now. This weekend of changes has been exhausting! We still have so much to do to get settled in our new abode. Wish us luck!


Rose Castillo said...

Good luck with the potty training. I am currently weaning Malachi from breastfeeding and it's been tough couple of days. Next will be the pacifier and then onto potty training.

di basnett said...

Good luck with it all Sarah. It's a big upheaval...but sounds like you've got it all covered.

Congrats to Ava for such a big achievement.

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