Monday, January 17, 2011


We are all adjusting to life in the new house. It is different from our old house but it certainly beats an apartment. Ava is doing ok in her new bed, most of the time. Today she took a long nap and is now getting out of bed repeatedly with tons of different stories. I need to pee, I need a drink, rock me, I'm sick. Wow, is she really only two years old?! The funny thing she is doing lately is trying to distract us when she is being disciplined. She has started saying "there's something in my teeth" whenever she wants to take the pressure off of herself! I think that is a higher level cognitive action so while I know what she is doing, I also know that is a very advance concept for her to have gotten! She also likes to discipline Zach. The other night he was crying in his room and she told him to "be quiet because I don't like it and mommy doesn't like it". Andy and I had to do all we could to not laugh uncontrollably! We are just 5.5 months away from the big move. It seems so surreal to think of all the changes we are going through and have gone through.

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