Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ava's Potty Adventure!

Ava finally gave in to the potty today! Nannie is here visiting for the week and she has been encouraging Ava to sit on the potty. At dinner Ava got this uncomfortable look and Nannie asked if she wanted to go on the potty. To my surprise she actually said YES! For me it is always no. She sat on the potty and did a poo-poo! We all cheered and jumped around! She wasn't so sure about it though. When I asked if she wanted panties and to pee on the potty she said no! Kind of what I expected :-) Tomorrow we have her two year old pictures with Allie and I CAN NOT wait! Her fairy wings and tutu are just the cutest things ever!

Not so happy, but still sitting there!

Did I do that?!

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