Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funnies from Zach!

Yesterday Andy hugged and kissed me. This is what Zach said, "Don't hug my mom! I sessed (obsessed) with playing with her hair!" Mom and Dad laugh and say, "Yes, yes you are!" The boy has to play with my hair every night and sometimes during the day. I thought about cutting it off and he said, "no mommy, your hair is beautiful." I guess I will be keeping it :)
Today we are driving and Zach says "Let's get a mickey mouse bouncy ball. We should go to costco." Hahaha! I think we may go to Costco too much!
I just can't believe he will be 3 in just one short week. We did pix with Allie so those will be up soon and I must say that they are way too cute, as usual!

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Rose said...

Zach is going to love the girls with long hair. He is too cute. Can't wait to see the new pics. Eric and I want to have pregnancy pictures done with your photographer.

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