Friday, August 14, 2009


We headed up to the White Mountains for some family time. It was me and the kids (Andy had left for CA already) Nani, Papa, Uncle Matt, his girlfriend Michelle and her daughter Arianna. We went to Storyland and learned all about the nursery rhymes that the kids love so much. Zach is now obsessed with Humpty Dumpty and the youtube version that he shouldn't have seen. I guess it was pretty graphic and his belly broke open. Now Zach runs around telling everyone that he is having a great fall and going to break his belly. Note to self, Nani and Uncle Matt, videos on should be viewed prior to showing them to 2 year olds!

After going to Storyland we went to dinner at the Station. We stayed at a family members condo, then got up the next morning to go out to breakfast and see what we could see on our adventure home. We found some great lookout points and played in the Kancamagus for a bit! It was a hectic, tiring and fun two days!

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