Sunday, August 23, 2009

A bit late!

These pictures were taken in my rocking chair from when I was a toddler! She loves it!

Well, Ava is almost 16 and a half months but I took these pictures and I don't think I posted them yet. She has had a language explosion in the last few weeks! I think finally being ear infection free has made a big difference. She is back to the fast way she was learning prior to having an ear infection for months on end. My favorite thing she is saying right now is "Hi Zach!" It's more like hi gack or hi ack, but every time she sees him for the first time in a while her face lights up and she says it! She loves to see him in the morning, but he is usually grumpy and mean! She also loves to stay "stuck" (uck) and is trying to say some of her colors in Spanish as well. Today we were working on amarillo (yellow) and it was so cute, more like amadiyoyo.
Zach is just cracking us up so much. He has full on conversations and started telling my friends about the big dipper the other day. They were amazed at how far he has come with his language skills. His favorite thing to say is "daddy's going to be so proud" whenever he does something good! He is already looking for daddy's approval at less than 3 years old. I just can't believe he will be 3 in just 3 weeks! We started our Disneyland planning and can't wait to get season passes!

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