Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glen Ivy!

Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd birthday a little early by treating myself to a spa day with friends! I had never been before and boy was I amazed! It is seriously like a tropical oasis nestled in the middle of suburbia. You drive up and see lush greenery and palm trees all around. Once inside there are pools, mineral pools, chairs for lounging, bars for drinking, places to eat and my two favorites, club mud and the grotto! At club mud you go into a muddy pool and slather red mud all over your body. I wish I had known that they offered a picture because it was truly a sight to see! After the mud we lounged by the pool and had a couple of drinks and a snack. Next we went down an elevator into the grotto! It's a bunch of rooms made to look like underground caves! There the attendants coated us in this sea weed green lotion stuff then we went into a sauna of sorts and rubbed it in so that our skin would be silky smooth. After washing it off we went to another cave and drank tea and ate green apples! It must be a detoxifying thing. After the grotto we feasted on lunch at Cafe Sole. Once we were done there it was back to the pool for more relaxing! If it hadn't have been for my eye fiasco the day would have been absolutely perfect. I got something in my eye that made it swell up and water to the point where I couldn't open one! That was pretty miserable. All in all the day was absolutely blissful and I'm thankful the eye thing happened at the very end :)

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