Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A picture of me!

I got my hair done today! I put some blond back in and I love it! I worked so hard to get back to my natural color, but then I got bored. As I usually do. My favorite hair time in life was when I was a Vidal Sassoon hair model and had new hair every month! It was glorious!


Jessi said...

Love the hair! Gorgeous! You used to be a hair model? I'd love to see some pictures!

paperprincess said...

I love the hair color! A hair model, who would have guessed! I get bored with my hair too, and ready to re-color mine, I just can never get any lenght because I keep liking the short hair, but if you look back thru some of my albums, they look like they are albums about my hair, not my family, because it's always different! People laugh.

Rose said...

You're hair looks beautiful! I like the blond.

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