Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Visitor!

Andy came running in this afternoon to tell me about the visitor in our backyard! I went out with the camera and this guy just hung out for about 5 minutes and let me take a ton of pictures! Andy tried to offer him Zave as he thought it would be a really cool sight to see him in his talons. Sometimes he makes me so angry!

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TracEy said...

I have a similar photo of a hawk. I submitted the picture to the Highland News Newspaper and they published it. It was pretty cool. The hawk allowed me to take TONS of pictures too. Good thing I had my good 10x zoom camera on me when I saw him, because there was a house in the way and the zoom allowed me to get pretty close shots to him as if I was right next to him. It's it majestic having those little guys pose for us, knowing we are just a few steps away from them. Amazing!

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