Thursday, July 9, 2015

WOW! Time flies!

Well, time is sure flying for us! I have not blogged in YEARS? Could this be true? The kids have grown so much and our family has been so busy.  We have now been in the house below for 2 years! 2 fabulous years in a wonderful neighborhood making great memories and great friends.  Zach is almost 9 and going into 3rd grade and Ava is 7 going into 2nd grade!

A recent pic of my big kids with their cutie pie little cousin! 

Ava started gymnastics a couple of months ago and is loving it and flourishing! Zach is starting football in August and is very excited and nervous at the same time.  I have my reservations about football but when he sets his mind to something, it's what happens, generally.  Tis the life you lead living with a child with Oppositional Defiance Disorder! You pick the major battles because if you don't, they ALL become major.  The diagnosis is new for all of us although I suspected it since he was about 3 (but aren't all 3 year olds defiant?!).  This comes along with the ADD diagnosis that we were just waiting for.  My gut told me it was true before it was confirmed.  Now we are going through all the fun stuff involved in parenting and being a child with a "diagnosis".  The first step was counseling for both of us and extended school year for him.  Let me tell you that that battle has NOT been fun.  Today was day 4 though and although he asked to skip school he did not cry, throw a fit or make me feel like the worst mom ever so I would say it's a success!

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