Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The lies she tells!

Ava is barely three and already learning to lie! Right now she is not always good at it, but I can for see issues in our future if she gets any better at it. A week or so ago Ava got in trouble for something. She didn't like it and started to cry. Andy hadn't heard the conversation so when he asked her what was wrong she said "Zach hit me!" and I just about died! She flat out lied! Then last week she had a bit of a mess in her panties. She was trying to change them without us finding out but when I found them she said that a bird pooped in her underwear! She was outside playing at school and a baby bird just flew up and pooped in her pants! She says this with a straight face and honestly believing it is a good story. All the while I am trying not to crack up in her face but then I go down to tell Andy and we both have a very good laugh about it! I wonder what I did for entertainment on a regular basis before I had kids???

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