Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and the beach!

Bring me back to mom!

I hate it here!

Happy as a clam!

It's cool from this distance!

While most of my loved ones are dealing with snow and cold weather, we were able to spend Valentine's Day at the beach! Most of us love going to the beach, but Ava just hated it. She wanted to be in my lap or in her stroller the whole time. The only time she was happy was when we were leaving and she was able to say "Bye bye ocean. Bye bye dolphins!" The weather was perfect and we even saw a big pod of about 6 dolphins swimming really close to the shore. After the beach we went to lunch. Ava was her happy self there. Zach wanted to go back to the water. They are so different!


TracEy said...

I am sure she will grow out of the "not liking the beach" bit. Weird though that she was like that. With all the times she has been to the beach she seemed to like it before....I wonder if she was just having a day? Hmmmm Well it looks like you guys had a lovely day out in the sun. Wish I could say the same. Scott was sick so it made it hard to make any sort of plans. Oh well.

Jessi said...

So cute! I would have LOVED to be on the beach on Valentines and not stuck in 2 ft of snow here!

I can't believe Ava didn't like the beach! I bet she'll grow out of it.

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