Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink eye and dress up!

Zach just minutes before the goop started!

Ava being mommy!

Zach has pink eye! Yuck! It started last night with a yellow goop coming from his eye. This morning he couldn't even open his eye. It was swollen and red. We explained to him last night that he has pink eye and a little while later he said "I want to see my purple eye!" At first I was confused then I realized that he is very concrete at this age. He thought his eye was purple! This morning I gave him the drops and said "there are your blue eyes!" and he said "they aren't pink anymore". Then I decided to try to call it conjunctivitis. That was hilarious!
Ava has started to want to play dress up! We got her some stuff in the dollar bin at Target and she just loves being mommy! I don't own a pink hat and gloves, but I do have a baby :-) If you still call my almost 2 year old a baby {snif}.

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