Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to explain death to a child, hmmm.

I figured that Zach is finally really understanding things and remembering so I would tell him that Paris Jackson is sad because her dad died. He was so upset by her and he is just so sensitive. I told him that her daddy died and she was sad. He said, "oh, our daddy died too." I said no, our daddy is just at work. Then he asked me for vanilla waffers. When I gave them to him I said,"Her daddy went to Heaven and he won't be able to give her cookies anymore." How better to explain the finality of death to an almost 3 year old, right? Something they might sort of understand. He seemed to get that a bit. A few hours later we saw sweet little Paris on the TV again and he says, "She is sad because her daddy died and can't give her cookies anymore." Wow! He really does listen and is starting to get things. I guess I won't be making things up too much longer because God only knows what he will start saying to people!

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