Sunday, July 12, 2009

A big weekend!

Adventures in berry picking at Riley's Farm!

Ava trying blackberries for the first time!

At Riley's Farm for berry picking

Big boy bed!

Big boy undies!
So many big things have happened this week/weekend! Ava is not really taking to walking yet because her crawling is so much quicker, but Zach has just all of a sudden decided to be big! We moved him into a big boy bed on Friday night, started talking about potty training and today he has been wearing underwear and pull ups all day long! He has had a couple of accidents, but for the most part he tells us when he needs to go! I hope it keeps up this time around. We have also managed to convince him that binkies are only for bed. That is a massive step for him! We akso went berry picking with friends and had a fun time hicking and getting dirty :)


TG's Mom said...

BIG weekend for Zach is right!!! I can't believe he is in a big bed now...holy heck the years have flown right by! We are trying to work with Tyler and her binky addiction. Congrats to Ava on walking!

Jessi said...

Awesome! I love blackberries and we have some back in the field behind the house I need to check to see if they're ripe! Ava's first taste is just too cute!

Love Zach's bedding and yay for going potty! He'll have it down in no time!

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