Sunday, November 30, 2008

Other Weekly Happenings!

With so much big stuff this week, I neglected to post about the "little" things. By little, I mean Ava was at urgent care due to a severe sinus infection. There were about 3 nights that I thought we would never see the light of day (and I didn't want to for that matter!) She was just so sick and miserable. Zach has moved up the ABC ladder to K, however he was like a stuck record in this recording and only got to G! Andy and Zach also took a field trip to the March Air Museum. Zach loves airplanes and he had a blast looking at the "big aiwpanes!" Ava's two top teeth have burst on through too! That brings us to 4 chompers. She's been working on them for a couple of weeks but they are finally through the gums and I think she feels a bit better for it.

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