Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're getting by!

This week has been all full of craziness! My poor blog has been abandoned as I delve deeper and darker into the world of digital scrapbooking and into a new book. I have very limited time with either because the kids and my job occupy the majority of my time :-) I have to say that last night was the night from h-e-l-l. Jasper (the new dog) decided to pee on Zach's upholstered chair and then I found the kids playing "doctor" of some sort. I believe it was just Zach trying to show Ava how to scratch her butt with a q-tip instead of her fingers, but still. I separated them and told them that they don't share their privates with others. I put Ava in her chair and left of a moment. I hear "look mom, look mom" and I come in to find that she had PEED in HER CHAIR! She showed no remorse and was actually giggling. I was fuming! I finally got everything cleaned up and we settled in for a movie. She took it upon herself to go to the potty and then try to empty it. It ended up all over the kitchen floor! How and why it got from the bathroom to the kitchen, I haven't a clue. It is for these reasons that I realize another baby is probably not in my future!

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Rose said...

I hope you had a better day today. Hugs!

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