Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day at Disney?!

Andy is really the best dad ever! He agreed to spend his day at Disneyland because it was the last day we could go before the summer is blocked out. In fact, it was actually his idea! We finally made it back to the Toy Story ride and it was great! Ava and I loved it. She didn't keep her glasses on, but she still had fun shooting at the targets. We lived like Pirates on Tom Sawyers Island and Zach even braved a couple of the caves this time. Ava went right through them with her Dad. She is a brave little girl! They all ventured on the crazy swinging bridges and I just about had a heart attack when a group of people came on with us and the kids were falling all over the place. Wouldn't you think to wait a minute if little kids are on there? Some people are just ridiculous!

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