Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Pictures!

The kids had so much fun carving a pumpkin with Nannie!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties Continue!

Every time I plug my d80 into the computer I get the blue screen of death! I have no idea why. Hence, no pictures at this time :(

Ava loves to swing!

This picture was taken by my friend at our park playdate last week! Ava may require intervention soon for her swinging addiction! She was probably in this swing 75% of the playdate and refused to get out without screaming! I am having technical difficulties with the camera, but we did take some other pix that I will get on here soon! Our Halloween playdate today was a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nannie is here!

Nannie got in tonight and the kids are just loving it! They even worked with her to carve their first pumpkin! Ava wanted to dig right in, but Zach was freaked by the messiness inside. Pictures to follow soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Disney and California Adventure!

We ventured out to Disneyland and California Adventure today! We met up with Stephanie, Dennis and Gavin for Nemo then we headed over to CA adventure and met up with the Kay family! It was a great day! We had never been to CA Adventure, but it was really nice and chill. No long lines or super big crowds. The guys took the bigger kids on most of the rides while Peterann and I stayed back with the sleeping babies. All in all it was another fun adventure with the season passes :) We'll be going back next Sunday with Nannie. I can't wait! I don't think she has ever been before.

side note: I forgot my camera! I only had the camera phone so not many pictures were taken.

Zachary's 2-3 year montage!

I managed to keep it to about 30 minutes, LOL!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Live Oak with the Kay Family!

Day care has been closed for the last three days so Andy did stay at home dad duty on Wednesday and Thursday. Today was my day to stay home. I love these days! I really look forward to them. We decided to meet up with the Kay family at Live Oak Pumpkin Patch. We didn't stay long because it started to heat up (80's in October, come on now!) but the kids had a good time and we took some cute pix.

My Gorgeous Diva!

My Handsome Boy!

Fall with Allie!

A few of my favorites from our Fall session with Allie! She always gets the perfect shots! If I only had an ounce of her talent :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday we did the annual Fall trip to the pumpkin patch! We decided to go up the hill a little because of the heat. We ended up at Los Rios Ranch and it was such a super cute place. They had a nice shop with everything apple that you could imagine! We took a horse drawn carriage ride around the ranch and learned all about apples and the land. The kids were able to pick out a pumpkin and I picked out a fairytale pumpkin that ended up costing my husband $15! Of course that is the one I pick, but I just love it! I loved it so much that I brought it to Allie's house on Sunday to be in some of the kids fall pix :) On Saturday afternoon we went to a BBQ at a friends house and just hung out. I love fun weekends!

The Prettiest Boy!

This picture is so going in the yearbook his senior year, LOL!!!

Scrapbooking Layouts!

These are two of my most recent layouts. We had a fun and busy weekend and I will get the pictures on here soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

18 months and 3 year appointment!

This is a scrapbook page of Ava at 18 months. Her new favorite thing to say is "umm" whenever you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer!

On Monday Zach and Ava went for their 3 year and 18 month doctor's appointments. I scheduled them together because I have been going to the dr way too often lately! They are both doing great. Zach is 38 inches tall and 32.5 lbs. I think the measurements are a little off in the office though because they also said Ava is almost 31 inches and that would make her shorter this time around! She is 25 lbs and gaining on her brother quickly! They both got the seasonal flu vaccine, but the doctor didn't really even promote the H1N1 vaccine. I was suprised by this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Future BFF's!

On Saturday we went to Tumble Tots to celebrate Emma Grace's 2nd birthday! Ava and Hayden became best of buds while walking and tumbling around. My friend sent me this picture along with some others and I just think it is so cute how much difference a year makes at this age! Hayden is the big girl and guiding Ava all around. Way too cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Half Birthday!

Today is Ava's half birthday! She is now 18 months old. She is getting so big and doing so much. She continues to impress and amaze me every day. I just love this age!

Monday, October 5, 2009


The fam with the big pumpkin!

Zach and Daddy on Zach's favorite ride!

Ava's new fave, the carousel!

Hanging on Tom Sawyer's Island eating cheese!

I can do it myself!

Zach double fisting a churro!

Ava and Tinkerbell!

Exhausted kiddo's!

We were going to head out to Disneyland closer to Halloween, but I'm not sure how I will be feeling in the coming weeks. We headed out yesterday and the day was perfect! The weather was great so it was a bit more crowded than we had expected though. We got there by 9 and went to take our picture with the big pumpkin and then headed over to the Haunted Mansion. Zach was a bit freaked out at first, I had forgotten about the room you first enter and seeing it through his eyes is a bit scary. At the end we asked if he had fun and he said "yeah" then we asked if he wanted to do it again and he said "NO!" I'm glad we got to do it once though because I just love the Nightmare Before Christmas! We went on Dumbo (Zach's favorite) and I took Ava on the carousel. I wasn't sure how she felt about it because she is so stoic, but once the ride ended she started throwing a fit and hitting me as I was taking her off the horse. Guess that means she liked it :) It was a great day! I love having passes because we were starting to melt down at 2 so we were able to head home and not feel like we didn't get our money's worth.
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